Our Processes

Our successes over the years have been the result of our well-defined Project Management protocols. We subject every job we take on, to rigorous study and analyses before we move in to execute it. A dedicated steering committee is appointed to take overall accountability of the project – from task definition, briefing, costing, resource allocation and planning, to its commissioning and handover. We deploy internal controls throughout the project’s timeline and offer our client app-enabled tracking of every aspect of the work.


Woodkraft has a customized, Windows cloud-based resource planning system, WkWayTM, designed specifically for site execution and procurement processes. 

The system also provides a mobile-app interface, apart from the conventional desk-based system, thereby enabling on-the-go, real-time tracking for our clients.

Detailed dashboards

   Meeting Information Tracking & Reporting (MITR)

   Supply, Inventory, Procurement, Purchase System (SIPPS)

   Schedule-tracking, Cost-based tracking, Project-budgeting, Financial status report, material consumption planner


   Stream-lined communication

   Single-window repository of project data

   Real–time access to centralized project information for greater project control