Our Policies and Protocols

We deploy a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to Environment, Safety and Health protocol deviations as far as possible. To this end, Woodkraft actively selects vendor-partners that adhere to our high standards on occupational health, safety, waste-management and preserving resources.

At the Woodkraft facility, we place utmost emphasis on maintaining EHS protocol. We make no compromises in the areas of waste management, materials used in construction, use of resources like water and electricity and, human health.

Our EHS policies include


  Standard EHS manual

 Qualified on-site EHS inspector

 In-house EHS training programmes

  Daily reporting by the Safety Supervisor

 Site inspection to ensure compliance with safety measures

 Strict adherence to No Child Labour policy

 Fire extinguishers at site


  Site Safety Plan

  Emergency Response matrix

  Safety Organogram for situation escalation

  A ‘Find-It-First’ policy towards prevention of new accidents

  Mandatory on-site PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, ID badges and health-check-ups

  First-aid access and administration capabilities

  Periodic checks on scaffolding, ladders, electrical system and tools


  Using low health-impacting adhesives, paints & coatings, sealants and construction materials

  Using Low-flow water fixtures for efficient water management (on-site and for the project)

  Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood

  Providing optimum turf-cover and landscaping, with water-efficient irrigation systems

  Detailed logistics plans for material movement, photographic records, documentation, recycling, site-cleanliness, waste and debris management


Through a combination of skill and hard work, our workmen are key to any construction – they create structures and add life to it. That’s why their safety is of prime importance to us.

At Woodkraft, we believe strongly that the responsibility for safety commences upstream of the construction phase of a project. Alongside diligent inspection of sites to ensure compliance with safety measures and providing information on accidents to help generate safety consciousness, we follow the following safety practices :

  Appointment of a well-trained EHS Supervisor at site

 Fire extinguishers at site

 Site induction training

  All our workers & staff with Badges, Helmets

 Safety harness, Shoes, Gloves, Masks for specific jobs. Child labour will not be employed

 All tools & machinery will have proper wire and plug

 Maintaining clean site

 First aid arrangements at site

 Daily reporting of our safety supervisor and immediate information if any incident occurs

 Emergency evacuation procedure will be educated to all our people

 Strictly no smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, Tobacco & any other items which cause damage to site

 Proper Scaffolding to work at higher levels with Railing in double height. Use of safety belts wherever required

 Designated place at site for having food, which is not be part of work place